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Hi again! I’m delighted to be bringing you a whole series of new recipes, thanks to Sarson’s. I’m sharing my ideas for dishes using their brill new product - Sarson’s Pickle in 15 vinegar blend. It’s very simply a ready-to-use pickling blend that means you can create all sorts of pickled things really easily and quickly. Instead of making your own pickling liquor (by adding sugar and spices to vinegar, basically), this product means you cut out a whole stage in the recipe process and simply pour it over the veg/fruit, straight from the bottle. Wait (you guessed it) 15 minutes, and it’s done!

This third post is for my ideal Christmas Eve dinner. A cold, no stress spread of nibbles and an easy, quick, vibrant salad. A light meal before the Big Feast of Christmas Day! The salad includes quickly picked carrot and parsnip ribbons, made using the Sarson’s Pickle in 15 vinegar blend.

As you can see in the pictures, I think the perfect accompaniment to the salad is simply some cheese and crackers, a plate of smoked salmon and delicious bread and a big bowl of satsumas! Maybe a Lindt ball or 5…

I’ll be at my mum’s this Christmas Eve and so we’ll no doubt still manically be wrapping presents late into the evening (last minute merchants, always!), but there’ll be a bottle of cold Tio Pepe by my side and a bag of Twiglets very nearby at all times!

I hope you’re eating well, whatever you are doing over the holidays, and do let me know if you try this!

Quick Pickled Carrot and Parsnip Salad with nuts and soft goat’s cheese

Serves 4

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4 medium Carrots (multicoloured if you can find them)

1 small Parsnip

Sarson’s Pickle In 15 (I used the Mediterranean Blend for this)

2/3 Red chicory, base trimmed, core removed, leaves separated

50g rocket

125g Soft Goats cheese

Small handful Walnuts pieces, toasted in a dry pan and roughly chopped

Small handful hazelnuts, toasted in a dry pan and roughly chopped

2 tbsp Olive oil

2 tsp Honey

1 tsp wholegrain mustard

Start by peeling your carrots and parsnip and discarding the peel. Continue to peel your veg, working your way around, making long thin ribbons. Stop when you get to the cores (and bin them!). Divide the different coloured carrots (if using multicoloured ones) and the parsnip between separate bowls and cover all the veg with the Pickle In 15 vinegar blend.

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Meanwhile, arrange the chicory and rocket on a large salad platter.

After 15 minutes, drain (reserving the liquid). Squeeze the vegetable ribbons over the sink to get rid of excess liquid. Lay the pickled vegetables on the salad, tangling it all together.

Dot the goat’s cheese all over the salad and scatter the nuts on top.

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In a bowl, whisk together the olive oil, honey, mustard and 1 tbsp of the pickling liquid with a generous pinch of salt and a good few grinds of black pepper . Drizzle all over the salad and serve immediately.

You can find the Sarsons Pickle In 15 vinegar blend in stores now. The Lightly seasoned variety is in Tesco Extra & Morrisons stores and the Mediterranean variety is exclusively in Morrisons.

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